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i do, i do

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We just got home from a wedding.

It was so many things that a wedding should be; intimate, with a bride and groom who have seen enough of life to know – well, as much as anyone can – what they are getting into. We stood in a circle around this pair and witnessed this ritual, this ceremony, this covenant, come into being. There is so much fuss, and pomp, and stuff that goes into weddings; this was almost an anti-wedding, it was so simple. They promised themselves, one to another, and the simple beauty of those promises made me cry. That in this world people are still brave enough to make those promises, and that the rest of us are standing around, cheering them on, is a thing of beauty.

We stood in this circle outdoors, on a stone terrace in a park I have never known was there, even though I’ve lived my whole life here. The cicadas sang as the sun went down and the lights of the city came on down the hill below us.

Amid that lovely imagery, did you get the point? We were outside. In August. In Arkansas. It’s been 100 or above every day this week.

It was hot. So very hot.

Thankfully, our time there was beautiful and short. Another friend led the ceremony, a friend I’ve known since the sixth grade (what can I say? It’s a small town and I’ve lived here my whole life. It’s not outside my frame of reference that one of my best friends in sixth grade is now a pastor at my church) and he did such a great job of being simple and true and succinct. Listening to him tonight, I marveled at the person he has become. It was a long way from foursquare.

Then we trouped back to our cars and drove a few blocks to a fabulous old house for the reception. Great food – smoked salmon, pork, roasted vegetables, cheese and bread and fruit and almonds – and music and dancing and laughter. And the people – it’s always fun to go to weddings and play the “who am I going to see here that I had no idea would be here, or who I haven’t seen in a really long time, or that I can’t figure out how I know…” game. Well, I guess sometimes that’s fun – sometimes it can be disastrous. No disaster tonight though, just running into the guy we bought our first house from, about 10 years ago.

For sure, our favorite part of the reception was when Bryan found the air conditioning vent in a corner. A group of us stood huddled around it, basically jostling for the closest position to the cold air. Oh, we held our plates, laughed, ate – but don’t be fooled – it was a competition.

Because we were still so hot.

You just can’t get away from it right now. Every time I step outside, I feel like I’m about to burst into flame. Like I’m melting. You just want to lay around. In some ice water.

Earlier this week, when I was making plans to go to this wedding, I thought to myself, “Why does anybody get married in August?”

And then I remembered that my anniversary is next week.



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August 12, 2007 at 12:20 am

kiss kiss bang bang

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Bryan and I ended up with this movie this weekend; I had never heard of it. We were aimless at Blockbuster on Friday, having wheedled our way through a week without the kids, and not really feeling like joining the throngs at a restaurant or movie theater.

Bryan remembered that a guy he works with really loves this movie, this guy who does video work for a living, so Bryan figures he knows what he’s talking about and has wanted to see it ever since. I was less enthusiastic, because – a) the back cover description seemed like it was an action movie, sort of, maybe? I really was looking for a movie that knew what it was and was good at it; b) you never know about those film guys, sometimes they just like obscure movies for the sake of their obscurity; and c) I’d never HEARD OF IT. Not heard of it one time, and then forgot about it, or something, but never. Not at all. However, I buckled because I didn’t really have a strong case for anything else, and because Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer were in it. I love them both. Especially Robert Downey Jr. That’s another post, I think…

Anyway, it was surprisingly great. Funny, warm, great story, great performances – I really, really liked it. Bryan did too. And it is an action movie…sort of. Actually, it’s that fun kind of movie that doesn’t fit neatly into one category (I typed ‘genre’ there first and then thought no, that’s really too movie critic of me). But our favorite thing was that it was a movie that was for people who like movies – there’s a lot of acknowledging what movies do and don’t do, and making fun of that. It’s quick and witty in the way that we wish we all could be, but it slows down enough to be real.

I should say, too, just for anyone who might take this as a recommendation and go rent this movie that they do cuss – that big word that really tends to offend people is in there a bunch – and there is an action element to the movie. People die. It says that in the aforementioned ambiguous back cover description, so I’m not giving away anything here. To me, it’s not overly gross or gratuitous. There’s your warning.

So, if you love movies, or either of those actors, or you’re just looking for something new, go find it in the comedy (it is, sort of) section of your local movie rental store.  In a time where so much is over hyped and then disappoints, it’s nice to find a movie you’ve never heard of that turns out to be so good.

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July 30, 2007 at 12:01 am

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and we’re not great at math, either

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Also not high on the skills list at the Jones house? Reading fine print.

dsc00680.jpgAfter I posted last week about our priceline adventure, I couldn’t let go of the fact that we had missed such a GREAT DEAL! I called the Welks, and they told me, sorry, no, they couldn’t change anything about my reservation. I was fairly devastated (a word which here means that I couldn’t quit calling my husband and pestering him about it all – yes, we listened to Lemony Snicket as read by Tim Curry during the car ride)

An hour later, when I still couldn’t let it go, I went back to the Welk website, and this time read the tiny letters down at the bottom that say the price is per person.

Oh. Yeah. That would make a difference.

The crazy thing is, I was elated. I don’t mind paying for overpriced theme park tickets, as long as I couldn’t have gotten them way cheaper someplace else…

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July 17, 2007 at 10:39 pm

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intrepid internet idiots

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Tomorrow the Jones clan will head north to the land of silver dollar and dixie stampedes. That’s right folks! We’re headed to Branson!

We’re taking this short trip as a result of our daughter’s dance competition, which is really a whole ‘nother post. Or series of posts. It might get ugly. Suffice it to say, Branson is not my first choice of destination; I tend to avoid crowds, theme parks, bad musical theme shows, crowds, traffic, outlet malls, and crowds.

However, I will concede that as theme parks go, Silver Dollar City is very fun – lots of shade and water. And it will be fun to take our kids on a big trip; they are really excited. Plus, we have to go. Because of the competition.

So, Bryan and I, confident in our internet savvy, booked our rooms through Priceline tonight – waiting until the last minute to get a good deal. We looked and considered and researched and Named! Our! Own! Price! Which was accepted! It was all very exciting.

So then we decided to check out one or two more things about our hotel – oh! I can’t believe I didn’t tell you this yet! It’s the Welk Resort. Yes, as in Lawrence Welk. With an actual show on the premises. Can you believe our luck? So while we’re on their site, I notice that, for about 5 bucks more than we paid, we could have booked through the hotel and gotten two passes to Silver Dollar City. Which cost about 50 dollars apiece.

So much for savvy.

My new plan is to throw myself on the mercy of the Welkians and hopefully they will let us change over. I won’t know until tomorrow morning, though, because when I called tonight their reservation office was closed. Probably so that the Lawrence Welk impersonators who anwer the phones can get their beauty sleep.

I’ll let you know how it goes. They do have free WiFi (which as we all know, isn’t available everywhere), so I’m sure we’ll be blogging away…

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July 11, 2007 at 12:21 am

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there wasn’t even any beer involved

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together in chicago

These are the people that I went to Chicago with recently. They look like a nice enough group, don’t they? Ok, well maybe not the guy with all those tattoos…

They don’t look at all like the kind of people who would let the waitress at Bubba Gump’s – on Navy Pier, in downtown Chicago, with what felt like several hundred people in the immediate vicinity – know that it was your birthday so that then said waitress could make you stand on a chair and dance while she led the staff and other dining patrons in a rousing birthday song/cheer:

It’s yo birthday, It’s it’s yo birthday baby!
Shake yo booty, shake shake yo booty baby!

Yeah…don’t trust these people. They’ll let her know, and they’ll laugh the whole time.

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June 24, 2007 at 11:28 pm

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it’s called beach reconstruction

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Oh, so much to tell you! But since I have access to a great camera this week, and my personal tech support is around 24/7, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to boring old words next week…

So, when we last talked, lots of activity was going on around us, large tractors were driving by, and it was all rather amusing as we ducked the construction tape and headed out to the beach. Since then, things have gotten serious.

This was the view that greeted us this morning.

major beach construction

The construction crews were upon us. And just to make sure nobody got hurt, they blocked our access to the beach. From our beachfront condo. Kinda the whole reason why we come here. But I digress. Our stairs to the beach were blocked, not only by the wimpy plastic tape that everyone completely ignored yesterday – but by…

The Trash Can.

trash can

And The Construction Security Guard Lady…

hard hat lady

…with her friend the sheriff. That’s right, THE SHERIFF. Maybe there’s not so much crime in Destin these days. So the sheriff has time to protect the beaches from dangerous tourists.
the po po

Well, he better keep a good lookout, because pretty soon the thin veneer of civilization begins to completely break down. If you won’t let us use the stairs, we’ll break through the fence!


There are many other things wrong with this photo besides the obvious criminal activity. We’ll just leave it at that. No, that’s no one you know, and no one related to anyone you know either.

We got ourselves together, Bryan made a plan which included climbing through a flower bed and jumping over a different fence, but in the end, we made it to the beach. That’s us, on the end, NOT under the umbrellas that are already set up for you when you come down. The beach chair guy said, and I quote, “We won’t be renting to Crystal Sands people.” Then he asked us to scoot down a little farther.

the interlopers

Sure thing, we’d love to set up right next to the orange construction fence so that we can hear the tractors going beep beep beep instead of the waves…

blasting the beach

There’s alot to notice in this shot. To the left is the sand spewing out of the giant pipe. (I also have a pic of the pipe, but I figure your patience may be wearing thin, so we’ll save that for the vaca slide show when we get back) In the background is the giant tractor thing lifting more sections of pipe, and then we have the scooper machine thing (I swear, I can’t remember what it’s called – it’s 1 am) pushing the sand around. Then, waaaaaay in the back, up high, don’t miss the parasailers. Oh, the unbridled optimism!

All in all, though, we’re laughing more than anything else. Because…

Hair wraps make us so happy.

happy hair

And we saw a pelican today (look! there’s the crazy shoe covered pole!)

pelican friend

And when this is in your view, how can it ever really be a bad day?

fly away

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June 7, 2007 at 1:03 am

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I think I forgot to mention the large tractors

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Tractor Cruising The Beach

Just adding to my list.

I especially like this one. Look at all the forlorn people at the end of the stairs.

Beach Tractor Rubberneckers

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June 4, 2007 at 10:45 am

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