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cause i……’m movin out

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(you know you wanna sing too)
duh duh duh daaaa da da da dop
duh duh duh daaaa da da da dop

Ok, that’s enough – come back from your Billy Joel sountracked trip down memory lane, and pay attention – I’m moving!

Don’t worry, it’s not out of my house or anything (although recent extended family time – and I mean that in both senses of the phrase – time with extended family, and extended time with family) could possibly bring both you and me to that logical conclusion. No, dear friends, I’m only moving in the most virtual of senses – out in the vast world of the internets.

You see, my husband, in his worldly wide webwise sort of way, gave me a Christmas present of my very own dotcom self – It’s very pretty and I like it a LOT.

The perfectionist, control-freak side of me (whatever do you mean? I hear you asking – I know, I hide that personality trait well behind the lateness and stacks of papers everywhere) wants to wait until I understand how to work all the bells and whistles and have everything set up the way I exactly the way I want it. Realistically, though, that may be sometime in the next century since at this point I can do NOT MUCH over there until Bryan helps out. And the explanations? Are mostly along the lines of if you can’t understand how to do this (whatever it is that I’m currently attempting), maybe you should get a free account at

Really, that’s it. So I’ll be bugging Bryan to death for awhile. Like forever, probably. Good thing he’s used to it.

So – basically what all this means is that I have switched from hosted site, which is wonderful, and completely free, and which I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who wants to try blogging out – to an independently hosted site powered by wordpress.

Just to give you an idea of my level of understanding – I had to ask Bryan how to write that last sentence. What it means to me is that I have lots more flexibility in how my site can look, and what it can do. Actually, it means that Bryan has much more flexibility, because I’m pretty sure that if I try to do anything other than post at this point, I will blow the whole thing up. Better get over there quick and have a look!

So – in closing – a few thoughts:

  • I’ve exported my whole blog over there, so if you suddenly feel the need to remember the beach or alternate uses of Windex, you can!
  • Please update your bookmarks, links, blogrolls (yes, I’m flattering myself on that one), etc…
  • Finally, get a Gravatar already, so I can see your little faces over there. C’mon, it’s free, it’s really easy, it’s free, they work EVERYWHERE, it’s free, you don’t have to have a blog to get one, and it’s free. Plus, it’s free!

Can’t wait to try it all out – see you soon!


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January 2, 2008 at 11:24 pm

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This morning I sat in a pew, on the edge of my seat – watching, listening, waiting.

And it happened.

The miracle happened over and over. People of all ages stepped into the water and looked out at us, some smiling, some clutching nervously at the edge. They wore t-shirts mostly, a pastor held their shoulders, reassuring and firm. People I know, people I’ve never met, children who are dear. They stood, and we heard their stories – clear, halting, full of emotion. Simple. True. A few sentences summing up the decision that will define them. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 25, 2007 at 10:50 pm

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it has many uses

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A typical school morning at the Jones’ house: the kids are eating breakfast, I’m fixing lunches, Bryan notices Will’s wild hair and begins spraying it. We keep a bottle filled with water for just that purpose.

Elizabeth says: “Dad, why are you spraying Will’s hair with Windex?”

Good question.

Like I said – typical. Except for a little extra shine on top…

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October 25, 2007 at 10:04 am


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He looked over at me in the gathering dusk, and said, “You know, I used to have a crush on you.”

Excuse me – used to?

I should have known then that he was going to be trouble.

He was my mother’s worst fear about me attending an out of state college: a tall, cute Texas boy. What if I never came back?

But if you know him, you know that of course he brought me back. Like always, like I know he always will. He brings me back.

He knew he wanted to marry me after we laid on the floor at my parent’s home one Christmas, long after everyone else went to bed. We looked at the Christmas lights and dreamed their colors out into the possibilities of a life, home, adventure, kids. That night, he says, I knew. A month later we were engaged.

He asked me to marry him in the front seat of his pickup truck – because I wouldn’t get out and take a walk, it was cold – and I screamed yes and honestly, I was just trying to hug him, I didn’t mean to nearly break his nose. With my elbow.

He should have known I was trouble then.

Right before we were married, he gave me a necklace, based on the words to a song:

If I had a spell of magic

I would make this enchantment for you

A burgundy heart shaped medallion

With a window that you could look through

So that when all the mirrors are angry

With your faults, and all you must do

You could peek through that heart shaped medallion

And see you from my point of view.

Fourteen years later, his point of view is still the way I most like to see myself.

Happy anniversary sweetheart – our adolescent aged marriage can get it’s learner’s permit now. Where shall we go next?

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August 15, 2007 at 11:22 pm

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kiss kiss bang bang

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Bryan and I ended up with this movie this weekend; I had never heard of it. We were aimless at Blockbuster on Friday, having wheedled our way through a week without the kids, and not really feeling like joining the throngs at a restaurant or movie theater.

Bryan remembered that a guy he works with really loves this movie, this guy who does video work for a living, so Bryan figures he knows what he’s talking about and has wanted to see it ever since. I was less enthusiastic, because – a) the back cover description seemed like it was an action movie, sort of, maybe? I really was looking for a movie that knew what it was and was good at it; b) you never know about those film guys, sometimes they just like obscure movies for the sake of their obscurity; and c) I’d never HEARD OF IT. Not heard of it one time, and then forgot about it, or something, but never. Not at all. However, I buckled because I didn’t really have a strong case for anything else, and because Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer were in it. I love them both. Especially Robert Downey Jr. That’s another post, I think…

Anyway, it was surprisingly great. Funny, warm, great story, great performances – I really, really liked it. Bryan did too. And it is an action movie…sort of. Actually, it’s that fun kind of movie that doesn’t fit neatly into one category (I typed ‘genre’ there first and then thought no, that’s really too movie critic of me). But our favorite thing was that it was a movie that was for people who like movies – there’s a lot of acknowledging what movies do and don’t do, and making fun of that. It’s quick and witty in the way that we wish we all could be, but it slows down enough to be real.

I should say, too, just for anyone who might take this as a recommendation and go rent this movie that they do cuss – that big word that really tends to offend people is in there a bunch – and there is an action element to the movie. People die. It says that in the aforementioned ambiguous back cover description, so I’m not giving away anything here. To me, it’s not overly gross or gratuitous. There’s your warning.

So, if you love movies, or either of those actors, or you’re just looking for something new, go find it in the comedy (it is, sort of) section of your local movie rental store.  In a time where so much is over hyped and then disappoints, it’s nice to find a movie you’ve never heard of that turns out to be so good.

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July 30, 2007 at 12:01 am

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and we’re not great at math, either

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Also not high on the skills list at the Jones house? Reading fine print.

dsc00680.jpgAfter I posted last week about our priceline adventure, I couldn’t let go of the fact that we had missed such a GREAT DEAL! I called the Welks, and they told me, sorry, no, they couldn’t change anything about my reservation. I was fairly devastated (a word which here means that I couldn’t quit calling my husband and pestering him about it all – yes, we listened to Lemony Snicket as read by Tim Curry during the car ride)

An hour later, when I still couldn’t let it go, I went back to the Welk website, and this time read the tiny letters down at the bottom that say the price is per person.

Oh. Yeah. That would make a difference.

The crazy thing is, I was elated. I don’t mind paying for overpriced theme park tickets, as long as I couldn’t have gotten them way cheaper someplace else…

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July 17, 2007 at 10:39 pm

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intrepid internet idiots

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Tomorrow the Jones clan will head north to the land of silver dollar and dixie stampedes. That’s right folks! We’re headed to Branson!

We’re taking this short trip as a result of our daughter’s dance competition, which is really a whole ‘nother post. Or series of posts. It might get ugly. Suffice it to say, Branson is not my first choice of destination; I tend to avoid crowds, theme parks, bad musical theme shows, crowds, traffic, outlet malls, and crowds.

However, I will concede that as theme parks go, Silver Dollar City is very fun – lots of shade and water. And it will be fun to take our kids on a big trip; they are really excited. Plus, we have to go. Because of the competition.

So, Bryan and I, confident in our internet savvy, booked our rooms through Priceline tonight – waiting until the last minute to get a good deal. We looked and considered and researched and Named! Our! Own! Price! Which was accepted! It was all very exciting.

So then we decided to check out one or two more things about our hotel – oh! I can’t believe I didn’t tell you this yet! It’s the Welk Resort. Yes, as in Lawrence Welk. With an actual show on the premises. Can you believe our luck? So while we’re on their site, I notice that, for about 5 bucks more than we paid, we could have booked through the hotel and gotten two passes to Silver Dollar City. Which cost about 50 dollars apiece.

So much for savvy.

My new plan is to throw myself on the mercy of the Welkians and hopefully they will let us change over. I won’t know until tomorrow morning, though, because when I called tonight their reservation office was closed. Probably so that the Lawrence Welk impersonators who anwer the phones can get their beauty sleep.

I’ll let you know how it goes. They do have free WiFi (which as we all know, isn’t available everywhere), so I’m sure we’ll be blogging away…

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July 11, 2007 at 12:21 am

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