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Our latest Baylor Magazine came last week with a picture of Angela Kinsey on the cover.

Yes, we knew she was a fellow alum. Yes, we are freaks about The Office. Yes, we were so very excited.

And stunned. For right there on the cover it says that Angela is a 1994 grad. Which would place her directly between Bryan and me. She was there at the same time as we were. She was a Chi Omega. And we never knew her.

Baylor is big – 12,000 undergrads (I think…and I’m really too lazy to look it up…shame on me, I used to actually recruit for Mecca on the Brazos, I should know those facts like my own children’s birthdays…) but seriously, I thought I knew every Chi Omega there. Or at least the ones who were my age. I mean, I did work for Flash. I had to have taken her picture, the odds are just too high.

Even discounting that, though, wouldn’t you think that someone who has gone on to be a part of a hit TV show would have somehow crossed my radar during the 4 years I went to school and 2 years I worked there? Apparently not.

Speaking of working there, have I ever told you about recruiting at Baylor? There are definitely some peculiarities involved in being employed by the largest Baptist university IN THE WORLD (hey, now there’s a fact I remember! They really like that one). Another day, perhaps.

But not today. Because today is the day that I cannot believe that I don’t know Angela Kinsey.

So close, and yet so far…


Written by Sarabeth :: the dramatic

September 3, 2007 at 10:34 pm

Posted in acting, funny, life

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