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The wind blows this way and that, today
like it can’t make up it’s mind
whether to stay or go
give me a yes or no
warm and bright, or cold at night?
Don’t tie me down, it seems to say
you can’t predict just how your spring
will feel today.
Sometimes it blows this way, and then
The blooms and twigs around me
pop like fireworks
like little stars
you can hardly drive your car
for all those flowers shouting look at me
this technicolor can’t-you-see…
And children dress in pastel hues
matching shoes
colored bows tie their hair
it’s in the air – the hope the giddy joy of spring
infusing every single thing.
And then the wind blows back again…
this time the rain falls down in sheets
and grey surrounds my windows
the cold it snaps your breath away
the muck and mire – so uninspired
Spring turns its back
and breaks your trust…yet hope we must
Spring is full of new and green
but also full of mud
you can’t get life without the mess
without the death
of something old
that needs to die
to change
to live again.

I wrote this about a month ago, for our new community service, and meant to post it then, but haven’t. The funny thing was that then, our spring was uncommonly sunny and bright – I wrote this to fit the theme of the night, to speak of predictable unpredictability of this season. But I remember thinking – so far it’s not really that way, this year.

Now that spring seems almost over, June just around the bend, this poem rings truer in my heart. The weather is playing with us, change is in the air, and my heart can feel unsteady.

Sometimes my own previously written words flip back around like leaves on the wind to reassure me. Like Madeline L’Engle, sometimes I am better in my writing than in reality.

“hope we must…” Indeed.


Written by Sarabeth :: the dramatic

May 2, 2007 at 10:46 pm

Posted in writing

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  1. Love that Ms. L’Engle. I know I am better in my blogging than in reality. Does that count?
    I love “you can’t get life without the mess.” So simple and so true, and so hard to get through our thick skulls sometimes.


    May 3, 2007 at 6:10 pm

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