small graces

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I can be a melancholy person, moody and easily swayed. A weekend of gray and rain is all it takes, sometimes, to make me begin to see the world through a skewed sad lens.

And then there are days like today…when:

  • the sun shines (aaaaaaaaahhh)
  • the things I have to say line up with the things I love to say, and I get to speak real truth and my own heart at the same time
  • there are other artists, gifted artists, and we are all, differently and miraculously and beautifully, working toward the same goal
  • we have church – truth and singing and grace and love and beauty and family
  • even though I singlehandedly sent in an absolutely wrong tax return last week (!) my precious mentor / friend / amazing accountant took my hand, looked me in the eye, and said, smiling, “Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine.”
  • there’s a sunroof in my car – and the sun is still shining
  • I got to pray with people that I love…for other people that I love. dear, dear friends.
  • I got to laugh. hard. I would tell you but you wouldn’t believe me. I was snorting.
  • I made a fantastic dessert and my whole house smells like brown sugar

And to top it all off, a friend came by with a gift – for no reason at all. Well, at least no reason like that it was my birthday, or that she knew about my tax return fiasco, or anything like that. She is one of those people who thinks about things, and remembers what it is like to be in a certain life situation, and who believes (to paraphrase Donald Miller) that when Jesus says to feed the poor, we should literally feed the poor. By that I mean that her faith lives in the details, the places that most of us forget. She does things, takes care of everyone else, everyone that she possibly can.

Tonight she brought me my very own copy of Anne’s new book.

See what I mean? Amazing, and all around…


Written by Sarabeth :: the dramatic

April 15, 2007 at 11:31 pm

Posted in relationships

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  1. Thanks for reminding me that I do try so very much to have my faith in the details that God calls me to……… show faith in ways that society frowns on……..I look for the “least of these” opportunities everyday because I know that is also who I am – one of the least of these. I am only more through the grace of God. Funny that small graces is your title…………wow, God works amazingly through all of us. I was uplifted tonight reading your entries after spending a large part of the day in Circuit court listening to pleas and the arraignment of many many people (before the number of who I was with was FINALLY CALLED and after my 2 hours of quarters had expired……….) and I knew again by the grace of God I was not in these situations………big grace…..maybe I forget how big His grace is in my life. It is HUGE in my life and in all of us who call him FATHER, Daddy, Lord of our lives. I loved the sermon and also long to have the Holy Spirit so alive in me. I know he nudges me and I long for my heart hear all of the nudges to show His grace to others in situations they would not chose to be in again, given a second chance. I have been given a second chance in many ways in my life……….adopted as a child…………adopted into Christ’s family………a second chance at life on this earth……………. I believe as a Christ follower I must hear my calling…….and what I hear is to help those Jesus would be with if he were here today. I can’t believe I’d find him lingering in church lobby unless the unchurched were there…..(though I love lingering in the lobby………..)………I think he’d be on the roadside and in the trenches with those who do not know what they do not have as they are missing a relationship with him. I love the moments of saying, I did this (act of whatever they needed) because I know the peace of Christ and he would be here with you and He can be here now with you. I long for more kindred spirits instead of encouragers……. and discouragers for that matter……..and…………………….. I long for the day my employer does not send me an email message that say “YOUR INTERNET PRIVLEGES ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED” because I went to Sarabeth’s blog at work. I wish I could read this at lunch when I still had energy left instead of at 10:30 at night……..alas……..I will continue to read the blog as I can. It brings me great comfort to read it. Keep on blogging and thanks for knowing the book brought me joy in giving it. Much love my friend……………

    The person..............with the Anne Lamott book...........I love Trading Mercies

    April 23, 2007 at 10:52 pm

  2. Well Crap……………..please give me grace………….I just read what I wrote and I was obviously tired…………………still much love to you Sarabeth.

    The person..............with the Anne Lamott book...........I love Trading Mercies

    April 23, 2007 at 10:56 pm

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